The Smoothest Kansas City Tequila Selection on the Plaza

It might surprise you to hear that Parkway loves tequila. Your idea of the typical tequila bar isn’t likely of a restaurant that primarily serves American classic comfort food. But we have some of the best blanco, reposado and the best añejo tequila on the Plaza.

The High-End Kansas City Tequila Selection the Pickiest Drinkers Can Appreciate

People who say they don’t like tequila have never had true tequila. High-quality tequila takes time, craftsmanship, good conditions and passionate artisans.

One of Parkway’s core beliefs is that everything we serve our guests should be of the best quality, so you can see why we have such a high appreciation for the time and talent it takes to create top-shelf tequila. We carry the best brands and use only the high-end tequila in our drinks — you’ve never enjoyed tequila like this before.

Sip it, shoot it, or mix it — all of our carefully curated selections are smooth and flavorful enough to experience however you want to enjoy your tequila.

Surprising Guests by Serving the Plaza’s Best Local Tequila Drinks

Although you might not think that the restaurant serving rainbow trout is also the place that would have an upscale selection of tequila, Parkway has everything from the best silver tequila to the top reposados.

We use those top-shelf picks in classic tequila-based drinks that have our own unique spin, like our Pama Paloma with Tres Agaves Añejo tequila, Pama, lime juice, honey peppercorn syrup and a splash of soda. Meeting some friends at Parkway? We recommend sharing our Parkway Patrón Pitcher, where you can select your preferred type of Patrón and even add jalapeño if you want a little extra kick.

There’s nothing better than sitting back with one of our tequila cocktails on our patio, or taking in the views from our corner of the Plaza from a seat at our centrally-positioned bar. We might not be your initial image of a tequila bar, but Parkway always delivers when it comes to delicious tequila drinks on the Plaza.

Every Category of Tequila to Suit Every Preference

Whatever your preferred type of tequila, we’ll have something for you. We carry the best reposado tequila, plata, añejo and more. Each flavor profile is unique, so when selecting the right tequila for our drinks, we always keep this in mind and choose thoughtfully.

Our bar staff can help you select the type of tequila for however you plan on enjoying the drink — straight or mixed. You can explore our full menu, including our current selection of tequila-based cocktails here, to find the drink that suits you.

Happy Hour Specials to Make Parkway Your Unexpected Local Tequila Bar

One of the best times to stop by Parkway for a round (or two) and a bite to eat is during our happy hours. Yes, we thought you should have more than one.

From 3 to 7 p.m. on weekdays, and from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. every day, you can take advantage of special prices on select spirits like Espolòn Reposado, as well as discounted beer, wine, appetizers and more.

Reserve a table large enough for yourself and some friends tonight, enjoy some of our food and order a round of tequila for everyone to get things started off right.