Host Your Kansas City Corporate Party at Parkway

Even though we make sure to recognize birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, we tend to forget to celebrate the professional side of our life. This is especially true after another 40-hour work week when all we want to do is just relax at home.

Since we spend so much time at work, it’s about time to celebrate our achievements. Whether you’re hosing an office holiday party, celebrating how far your company has come and looking for work anniversary party ideas in Kansas City, or if you’d just like to celebrate your employee of the month, you’re going to need a venue that everyone can agree on.

Finding a venue for a work or corporate anniversary party in Kansas City can feel like a hassle, especially on the Plaza. There are plenty of options to choose from, so it can be hard to find the best venue for all of your guests. But if you’re looking for private dining restaurants for work with an energetic-yet-classy vibe for all of your coworkers to have a good time, we’ve got just the space for you.

Located on the Plaza is one of the best venues for any company anniversary party in downtown Kansas City. Live music, great food, and a relaxed atmosphere with your favorite people make our event space, the Scarlet Room one of the best places to have your next office event or work anniversary party.

Get Dressed Up for this Work Party

One of the best things about the Scarlet Room is its atmosphere. But just because it has a luxury vibe doesn’t mean that corporate private dining doesn’t know how to have a good time! We have everything from red velvet booths to a full bar full of your favorite drinks. You’ll also notice the walls lined with leather-bound books on shelves stacked from floor to ceiling. We’re also a fan of beautiful lighting, and you’ll be able to see it everywhere along the ceiling.

Want to really surprise everyone you work with? We can adjust the lights to the perfect glow, lower our 33-foot video wall to display stunning 4K videos or show your own clips from work. Maybe you’d like to do a presentation about your company’s history and how far you’ve come, or present a new direction for your company that you’d like to take in the future.

Even though we love our elevated space, we’re not afraid of some new decorations. If you have office anniversary party ideas for decorating our space, we’d be happy to see them! Just contact our staff with your KC business anniversary party ideas.

Wine and Dine

If there’s one thing we love after a long day of work or after completing a new project, it’s relaxing with our favorite people and a drink in hand. The Scarlet Room is known for having for having plenty of space for all of your favorite people and lots of wine to suit your fancy. Or, if wine isn’t your cup of tea, we have plenty of other options for you to choose from. Some of our drinks, like our Parkway cocktails, have become a big hit on the Plaza scene.

We’re also famous for our elevated dinner menu. We have everything from mouthwatering appetizers to a decadent key lime pie.  No matter what type of food your employees love, we’re sure there’s something for everyone at your next company anniversary party in our event space.

Browse our full menu to learn more about our drink and food options. If you’d like to look at a menu with our different wine choices, just ask your bartender or a Parkway manager.

Enjoy Some Hit Music at Your KC Corporate Anniversary Party

Just because you’re at a party with your coworkers doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! Parkway is known for its amazing food and drinks, but when we’re not doing that, we’re one of the best live music venues in Kansas City. On weekends, you can always find a DJ spinning for a packed Scarlet Room.

If you’d like to bring your own musical guest, we’d be more than happy to add them to our lineup. We have plenty of notable guests that we can connect you with, as well.

Does the Scarlet Room sound like a great party venue for your next company anniversary party in Kansas City? Then give us a call today at 816-214-5616 or email us at