Parkway Social Kitchen Reservations

Of the restaurants on the Plaza that take reservations, few are as committed to giving you a memorable experience as Parkway. With locally-sourced fresh ingredients, dishes that never cut corners when it comes to quality, and a small kitchen centered around a wood-fired oven right off the dining room, Parkway’s roots are grounded deeply in doing things simply, but very, very well.

That attention to detail carries over to each of our dinner reservations. Kansas City has come to trust us with a personal and individualized experience every time they visit Parkway, and that’s something we’re proud of. There are three unique experiences we recommend:

Reserve a Table

A simple dinner reservation can make a lasting impression. A date night, special occasion, dinner with family, or any moment worth celebrating deserves extra attention.

The Kansas City Plaza is also a central hub for some of the most popular local events. Securing Parkway Social Kitchen reservations is always recommended during holidays, the Art Fair, Lighting Ceremony, KC Taste, WaterFire KC, marathons and other major Plaza events.

When you want a special occasion to truly stand out, call Parkway. Reserve your table now.

Reserve the Scarlet Room

You and as many as 74 additional guests can make private reservations in Kansas City for the Scarlet Room – our downstairs den of rich color, plush booths and twinkling lights. Equipped with its own fully-staffed and -stocked bar, kitchen access, set of bathrooms and more, one of the best parts of the Scarlet Room is its entertainment capabilities. With an intimate stage area, sound system and the ability to utilize wall-to-wall projector screens when desired, when you privately reserve the Scarlet Room for your event, you know it’ll be something that your guests will be talking about for years.

Contact Parkway on the Plaza – reservations for the Scarlet Room can be made by calling (816) 214-5616.

Reserve the Entire Restaurant

Want the whole place to yourself? It’s yours.

Want to bring along 174 of your friends? Sounds like a good time. We’ll get our wood-fired oven going.

Parkway offers full-restaurant reservations. Kansas City knows that in order to throw the perfect party, you need the perfect space. Slide open our wall-to-wall windows on our corner of the Plaza, take advantage of our upstairs and downstairs bars and make some memories that you and your guests will never forget. We’ll keep you well-supplied with all your Parkway favorites with our in-house catering services, so all you have to do is enjoy.

Call us now at (816) 214-5616 to reserve the full restaurant for your event.

Make the Moment Special. Secure Your Parkway Plaza Reservations.

We’re here for the big moments and the small — that shared look over a glass of champagne at your anniversary dinner, that surprise engagement party thrown for your best friends finally tying the knot, or that lunch that’s been too long in the works.

No matter why you make KC restaurant reservations and come to Parkway to celebrate, we want to make sure that those moments get all the attention they deserve. Make sure that you secure your Parkway Plaza restaurant reservations now, and we’ll make sure that your important moments (no matter how big or small) are celebrated in style.

Secure your Parkway Social Kitchen reservations now by calling 816-214-5616.