Looking for a party venue that will take your guests’ breath away?
Look no further than the Scarlet Room at Parkway. No matter what type of party you’re planning, we’re sure to make your night a hit

The Scarlet Room at Parkway: Kansas City’s Event Space

If you’re familiar with the Country Club Plaza, it’s likely that you know about Parkway Social Kitchen. Sitting on the corner of Jefferson and Ward Parkway, Parkway quickly emerged as Kansas City’s go-to spot for well-crafted cocktails and upscale comfort food. Parkway also hides the Kansas City underground club that everyone wants the key to — the Scarlet Room.

The Scarlet Room has garnered a lot of buzz as a unique and immersive club spot, but did you know that you can privately reserve the coveted lounge for yourself?

Be the VIP for the Night: Privately Reserve the Room for Your Event

Maybe you’ve already experienced the Scarlet Room on a typical weekend night — lights low, our 33-foot video wall flashing mesmerizing 4K moving art and the DJ keeping the packed dance floor moving. But when you reserve the Scarlet Room as a premier event space in Kansas City, Mo. for your private event, you can customize the atmosphere to suit the mood you want to cultivate.

As a premiere Kansas City event space, the Scarlet Room is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the Plaza. Its aesthetics — think red velvet, leather-bound books in shelves lining the walls, low lighting and small, intimate tables — lend to a luxurious experience that’s magnified by exquisite cocktails and food straight from Parkway’s kitchen.

We’re able to host up to 80 people in the space, we can raise and lower the video wall to show your own videos as you see fit, you can add festive decorations and whatever else you need to make your event perfect.

Of all of the Kansas City event venues, we know you have options; but there’s no better small event space in Kansas City when it comes to hosting any of the following occasions:

Work and Corporate Anniversaries

If you’re planning an event for your employees, you know they deserve a nice evening on the company’s dime. They work hard, and they deserve to be celebrated, whatever the occasion may be. Don’t forget to ask us about what packages our event space can offer for different dinner menus!

Engagement Parties

Your favorite couple just got engaged, and now you’ve got to go through the event venues in Kansas City to throw them the perfect engagement party. Why not have it in the Scarlet Room? We’ve got everything you need to make the night a special one: elevated cuisine, an intimate space, and plenty of quality cocktails!

Bridal Showers

Whether you’re imagining a boozy brunch or a sit-down dinner, the Scarlet Room could be the perfect spot to shower your bride with the love (and gifts!) she deserves. If the groom doesn’t have other plans for the day, you can even suggest that he and his pals have a meal upstairs. After all, you’ll need some muscle to carry out all of those presents!

Rehearsal Dinners

The stress of planning a wedding can be overwhelming enough, so let us take care of your rehearsal dinner for you. How many Kansas City event spaces can guarantee that you’ll have enough alcohol on hand to make it an enjoyable night even if your future mother-in-law won’t stop offering opinions on your big day?

Birthday Parties

We have patrons celebrating birthdays in Parkway on a regular basis, but what if you’ve got a large party and you’re wanting a bigger experience than just dinner and drinks? By choosing the Scarlet Room as your event rental in Kansas City, you’re guaranteed a night of the same delectable food you’d get upstairs, with the added bonus of an easily accessible bar and a dance floor.

Retirement Parties

Ahh, retirement — that sweet event we all begin to dream about as soon as we enter the workforce. What better way to celebrate than with a night of dinner, drinks and dancing amongst all your friends and family?

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties can be an insane amount of work, particularly if you attempt to host one at your own home. Rather than put up with overcooked turkey or runny mashed potatoes, why not book a Kansas City event venue? In the Scarlet Room, your gathering will still be intimate, but we’re guessing the food will be leagues above what your family or friends will bring over in covered dishes. And you won’t have to clean up after!

Anniversary Parties

Whether you’ve been married for five years or 50, it’s an occasion to celebrate with those who have helped you make it this far. (We know you’ve taken advice on not killing each other from friends and family a time or two!) Let us pamper you while you remember what brought you together in the first place.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Regardless of how wild you plan to get for your best friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party, it’s a good idea to have some privacy at some point during the evening. At the very least, you’ll want to give gifts and share memories without the roar of a restaurant in the background. Renting a small event space in Kansas City, like the Scarlet Room, will make it a night your soon-to-be-married friend will never forget.

Baby Showers

Finding the right small event space in Kansas City for a baby shower can be a nightmare. You need somewhere small, intimate and centrally located, with food for even the pickiest eater and drinks for those who are not moms-to-be. Look no further than the Scarlet Room! An additional benefit is that those shopping for last-minute gifts have no shortage of options on the Plaza!

Grad Parties

Whether it’s a high school graduation, a college graduation, or perhaps a law school or medical school graduation, it’s a milestone to be celebrated. If you’re hoping to share a memorable evening with your child and the village that helped him or her to get to this point, our lounge is the perfect Kansas City event venue to show your recent grad a good time.

Wedding Receptions

Everyone knows the reception is really the important part of the big day. Your guests expect a fun time, and you’ve got to choose an event space in Kansas City that delivers. With a fully-stocked bar, elevated takes on traditional American comfort foods, and a dance floor, the Scarlet Room will make yours a night to remember.


Looking for a spot for a small wedding? Event spaces in downtown Kansas City can be hard to come by for weddings, but if you’ve got a guest list of 75 or under, the Scarlet Room could be the perfect intimate space. With low lighting and luxurious, rich colors, this could be the perfect backdrop for a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Interested in booking an unforgettable evening at the Scarlet Room? Please don’t hesitate to call 816-214-5616, email info@parkwaysocialkitchen.com.