Best Rehearsal Dinner in Kansas City

The night before your wedding can be one of the most nerve-wracking evenings of your life. It makes sense; you’ve got a lot on that proverbial plate. Are you going to trip down the aisle tomorrow? Are your friends going to embarrass you with their speeches? Are you going to fit into that dress or tux as well as you did a few months ago?

Unfortunately, when it comes to those fears, you’re on your own. Where we can ease your worries, though, is in the form of a rehearsal dinner in Kansas City, Mo. The Scarlet Room is one of the highest-rated rehearsal dinner locations in Kansas City, and for good reason. In this event space, we’ve got each of your needs for a rehearsal dinner covered. Marriage may be stressful, but the night before the wedding doesn’t have to be.

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Here are just a few reasons to consider the Scarlet Room as your rehearsal dinner venue:

Sophisticated, Low-Maintenance Décor

When it comes to your rehearsal dinner in Kansas City, you don’t want to book a space you’ll have to decorate yourself. You’ll want to spend the day before your wedding worrying about  the wedding itself, not about whether or not your future in-laws are going to think you dropped the ball on the rehearsal dinner. The Scarlet Room is decorated in the vein of speakeasies from Prohibition — think red velvet, wooden bookshelves with leather-bound volumes, brick walls and candlelit tables, in addition to a beautifully-stocked bar. Whether you choose to bring in decorations of your own or not, the space is sure to impress even the pickiest of guests, and it lends itself to an air of relaxation before your big day.

A Small, Intimate Venue

The last thing you want to be dealing with during your rehearsal dinner in Kansas City is searching around for the wedding party or struggling to hear the officiant from the back of the room. Equipped to house up to 80 guests, the Scarlet Room is one of the premier rehearsal dinner locations in Kansas City because of its cozy size.

For those hosting larger groups, Parkway also offers the opportunity to double capacity by reserving our upstairs dining area. Contact us for more information.

Delicious, Unlimited Food and Drink

Nestled beneath Parkway Social Kitchen, a Kansas City staple for upscale comfort foods and craft cocktails, the Scarlet Room can cater the same full menu as Parkway. Your guests can order from the full menu, or you can choose to purchase a food package that gives everyone specific choices. We’ll cater to you (both literally and figuratively) to ensure you get just the right dining experience! Same goes for the bar, as well — guests can purchase their own drinks, if you choose, or you can purchase beverage packages that offer a more limited selection. Helpful tip: keep the wedding party from getting hangry by ensuring you have plenty of pepper jack-stuffed tater tots on hand!

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