Full Catering Services in Kansas City: What’s Included

Parkway offers a range of different catering services, so that whatever event you’re planning, whatever atmosphere you’re hoping to achieve and whatever party size you’re going to accommodate, we’ll have something that suits your needs.

In the early stages of planning a catered event, a commonly asked question is: “What does catering include when I work with Parkway?” One thing is for certain — you won’t just be receiving a meal.

Our full-service catering includes:

Pre-Event Coordination

When you first contact us about your catering needs, we’ll discuss your vision for the event and how we can make things perfect for you. Full-service caterers should always make your life easier: we aim to do just that.

First, we’ll check to see if your guests have any dietary restrictions, if you need to make any changes to the menu, if you’re interested in establishing a theme, décor or other details that must be worked out in advance.

Setup of the Space

Our event space, or even our full restaurant, is available for private rental so you and your guests can have the place to yourselves. Whether you host your event upstairs, downstairs or both, we’ll take care of preparing the space so it’s ready to receive everyone.

Tables, seating, serving stations, well-stocked bars, flowers, decorations, even setup for live music — everything you’ve requested will be ready to go prior to your event.

Meal Service

Whether you choose plated or buffet-style served catering, Parkway staff will be on hand to make sure your guests have everything they need throughout the meal. Drinks will be topped off, plates cleared and refilled as needed.

Like any meal at Parkway, a meal through our catering service is always made with the highest-quality ingredients, fresh from our kitchen, and is beautifully served.

Post-Event Cleanup

An undeniable perk for anyone using Parkway’s catering services: We take care of everything, including the aftermath of a good time. Don’t worry about cleaning up after your guests leave. We’ll make sure everyone is well-fed, well-looked after and has a fantastic time. Then, we’ll take care of the cleanup.

If there’s any leftover food, we’re happy to box it up for you in easy take-home trays at the end of the event. Just enjoy yourself!

Optional Add-On Services

In addition to Parkway’s food catering services, there are a number of add-ons to the meal that will make your event truly remarkable. Our full catering services include optional, above-and-beyond measures like:

  • A bar or beverage package, a cash bar, wine service, etc.
  • Hiring our affiliated photographer to work your event at a discounted rate
  • Booking you a live band or DJ based on your music preferences
  • Coordinating a theme, flowers, décor or other special aesthetics for your event
  • Customizing the menu for a brunch, lunch, themed menu, or your own preferences
  • Reserving our private event space (or even the entire restaurant) for you and your guests to enjoy privately

Parkway’s professional catering services don’t stop at “good enough.” If there’s a way that we can make your event special, let us know. We’ll always do our absolute best to accommodate you whenever possible. Our add-on catering services are the best way to do that.

If you’re interested in reserving our premium catering services in Kansas City, you can submit a form online, or contact a Parkway representative now for more information.