The Bar at Parkway

Kansas City’s bar scene is growing. New watering holes pop up so fast that most people can’t keep up. It’s a good problem to have — a city experiencing such amazing growth that you miss out on some of the best places. With all these choices, how do you find the best one? Which Country Club Plaza bars should you check off your list?

There are plenty of fine options. From all of your choices, we believe Parkway Social Kitchen should be at the top of your list, and we’ll tell you why.

What Makes a Great Country Club Plaza Bar?

Parkway burst into the Kansas City restaurant world in the fall of 2017 to widespread excitement. Located in the heart of the Plaza on the corner of Ward Parkway and Jefferson Street, Parkway serves up elevated comfort foods in a beautiful venue with a welcoming atmosphere. The mission at Parkway is food with a sense of community. The entire customer experience, from front door to picking up the tab, is designed to fulfill that mission.

That’s one of the reasons to choose Parkway from all of the Plaza bars and restaurants. When you look at what makes up a good bar, Parkway checks all the boxes.

  • Location: The Plaza is a uniquely beautiful entertainment district in the heart of Kansas City. On any given night, thousands of Kansas Citians will be strolling along the sidewalks, popping into shops and grabbing a drink at Country Club Plaza bars. Paired with the Plaza’s beauty is its central location, making it an accessible destination no matter where you are coming from in the KC metro area. Parkway’s corner on Jefferson Street and Ward Parkway is an easy walk from anywhere in the neighborhood. It’s a great location.
  • Atmosphere: A good Kansas City Plaza bar has to hit the right vibe. Not too loud; not to quiet. Pleasing décor in a setting that isn’t too crowded, but also isn’t too empty. Parkway’s airy upstairs dining space, which wraps around a horseshoe bar that serves as the centerpiece of the whole operation, is the perfect space for a drink. You’ll love the ambiance of Parkway’s bar, especially on a nice evening with the windows open and breeze flowing through.
  • Service: A great drink doesn’t taste so good if it comes with subpar service. At Parkway, the staff embodies our mission to serve food with a sense of community. Friendly, welcoming, gracious — these are the attributes you’ll find in everyone at Parkway. That sets our bar apart.
  • Drinks: Of course. The star of the show is always the drink. At Parkway, you have a wide variety of choices, from the beers to the spirits, the wines to the cocktails. You’ll find something delicious that makes it clear why Parkway is your go-to Kansas City Plaza bar.

Signature Drinks at Parkway

Parkway’s bar menu is among the best you’ll find at bars on the Plaza in Kansas City. Our beers, wines, spirits and cocktails are carefully selected and created, and anything on the menu is sure to please. The full menu is too extensive to cover, but there are some highlights worth mentioning.

  • Local Beers: Parkway’s beer list has all the best brews from Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewing Company. You can pick your favorite from a Boulevard Wheat, Pale Ale, Tank 7 and more. The beer offerings also include a variety of light beers, as well as ciders and IPAs.
  • Extensive Wines: Cabernets, zinfandels, champagnes and more — Parkway’s wine list is so long it can’t fit with the rest of the bar menu. It requires its own space.
  • Select Spirits: There are plenty of options for whiskey, vodka, gin, Scotch, tequila, Cognac and rum. Our selection will have something you love, whether you are sipping straight or prefer your spirit on the rocks.
  • Signature Cocktails: Just like Parkway’s food menu, the cocktail offerings aren’t meant to create something crazy. The bartenders take classic drinks you know and love, and then they make them better than you’ve ever tasted. A great starting point is the Fig Old Fashioned. A base of house-infused fig and vanilla bean whiskey is mixed with maple simple syrup and bitters. It’s an elevated twist on the classic Old Fashioned, and it’ll leave cocktail enthusiasts and newbies wanting more.

We know you have plenty of choices for Plaza bars in Kansas City. Our city is growing, and it’s exciting to see so many quality bars opening in every corner of KC. You should visit as many as you can, both on the Plaza and in other districts. We believe Parkway’s bar should be at the top of your list.

No matter what type of drink you’re looking for, we have something for you. You can always expect friendly service, a great atmosphere and quality drinks at Parkway.