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Looking to impress your client with a delicious meal in Kansas City?
Choose the best restaurant on the Country Club Plaza for a business meeting.

Best Restaurants for Business Meetings in Kansas City

What’s the thing you remember most about your best client meeting?

Maybe there was a great pitch, or someone with a truly remarkable personality. It could be that you remember a great idea, or an exciting new opportunity stuck out to you. But more than all of that, it’s likely that you remember how the meeting made you feel.

A good meeting leaves an impression that goes deeper than information. If you did well, the client walks away with a clear idea: that made me feel good, and I want to have that feeling again. What better way to bring that positive, memorable feeling into a client meeting than hosting it at the perfect restaurant meeting room?

That’s where Parkway Social Kitchen comes in. More than just a restaurant, this space is a player in the meeting that’s sure to make its mark. So, if you’re looking for the best restaurants for business meetings in Kansas City, look no further. You’ve already found it.

Why Parkway Is the Best Choice for Your Kansas City Business Meeting

There are plenty of restaurants with meeting rooms in Kansas City, but none of them are quite like Parkway. The location, the décor, the food and the atmosphere mesh perfectly for what you need to impress a client. From start to finish, Parkway is one of the best restaurants for business meetings in Kansas City.

Planning Your Meeting

The most surefire way to get a client meeting off to a bad start is showing up to a restaurant with a 45-minute wait. At Parkway, you can make a reservation for lunch or dinner to ensure that won’t happen. Make your reservation by phone or online at any time.

If you’re looking for restaurants with meeting rooms for a larger group, just head downstairs to the Scarlet Room. Parkway’s event space will be perfect for your meeting.

Location, Location, Location!

The best restaurants for business meetings in Kansas City have to be in the best places in Kansas City. On the corner of Ward Parkway and Jefferson Street, Parkway’s location in the Country Club Plaza is perfect: centrally located no matter where your office is, with an abundance of free parking and in a district that is sure to impress.

The Plaza is unlike any other area. It was built in the early 1900s to imitate the Spanish city of Seville. Especially if your client is from out of town, walking through the Plaza will give them something to talk about when they go back home. That’s the kind of impression you’re looking for from a good restaurant to have meetings at.


First impressions make a big difference. At Parkway, you’ll be greeted by a friendly staff that is eager to serve you. You and your client are sure to enjoy the most comfortable and relaxed dining rooms on the Plaza. Upscale but never pretentious — that’s the vibe.

Thanks to your reservation, your table is waiting.


For a good restaurant to have meetings at in Kansas City, Parkway brings the perfect combination of sophisticated and relaxed in our menu and atmosphere. Parkway’s kitchen puts an elegant twist on home-cooked favorites, and everyone is sure to find something mouthwatering. The food is locally sourced, and you can be sure it’s fresh. Parkway’s mission is food with a sense of community, and the restaurant has attracted attention for accomplishing just that.

“Where fine dining can sometimes feel staged and stuffy, Parkway Social Kitchen offers the cure,” Feast Magazine writes. “The food is simple, yet expertly prepared, and the service is appropriately kind and courteous.”

What don’t we have? Appetizers range from stuffed tater tots to ahi tuna, and our menu includes sandwiches like the gourmet grilled cheese with tomato bisque and entrees like herb-roasted chicken and rainbow trout. If you’re looking for a light bite or a big meal, Parkway’s menu has you and your clients covered.

Still hungry? Don’t worry, there’s always desert. Try the cast iron brownie; thank us later.


You know a meeting is going well when it ends with drinks. Why not wind down with a happy hour cocktail from one of the best bars in KC? If you’re having a client out for lunch, Parkway’s happy hour runs from 3–7 on weekdays. You can grab discounted drafts, wines and cocktails.

If you’re looking for good restaurants to have meetings at on the Plaza for dinner, check out the full bar. The cocktail menu and draft list won’t disappoint. Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewing Company is heavily represented on tap — a great way to introduce an out-of-town client to a KC staple.


Your business matters. Kansas City is full of passionate professionals who love what they do, and that’s what makes it such a great city. Whether it’s finance, law, real estate, medicine, technology or any other industry, this city is booming because of people like you.

Parkway supports your business by offering one of the best restaurant for business meetings in Kansas City. You’re doing important work, and Parkway is providing the space to make it happen. We want to be a part of your success.

So when you’re looking for a good restaurant to have meetings in Kansas City, stop by anytime. We’re sure you’ll love it.