Parkway: Your Holiday Party Venue in Kansas City

It can be hard to find the right location for your holiday party. Christmas involves the whole family, making it a tight squeeze. Thanksgiving is the most delicious holiday, but we know the last thing you want to do is stand in a kitchen for 7 hours (or more) to get that perfect turkey. And you’re probably too old for trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time at one of the best Halloween party venues in Kansas City!

Whatever occasion you’re planning, our event space — the Scarlet Room, in downtown Kansas City has everything you need to create the best holiday party your guests could ask for.  Parkway is well-known for our live music, world-class food, and amazing drinks, but that’s not all we have to offer.

Here are just some of the reasons why our event space, the Scarlet Room should be your next holiday party venue in Kansas City.

Décor Perfect for the Holidays

When it comes to holiday decorations, we want everything to look perfect for our friends and family. But sometimes, we don’t feel like decorating. If this is you and your family almost every holiday, then don’t worry — the Scarlet Room has got you covered.

The first thing you’ll see when you walk down the stairs from Parkway Social Kitchen is our gorgeous VIP-style red velvet booths, which are perfect for the holidays. We also have captivating lighting that helps tie everything together and a full bar with all of your favorite holiday drinks.

We love the way our décor looks, and feel that it suits just about any occasion. But if you’re looking to spread some holiday cheer and turn it into a real holiday party venue in Kansas City, we’d be more than happy if you brought some of your favorite decorations.  Whether it’s for New Year’s Eve, Halloween, or Christmas just talk to our staff if you want to add a little extra holiday cheer at the Scarlet Room.

Plenty of Room for All of Your Guests

The best thing about the holidays is getting together with all of your friends, family and coworkers. But it can be tricky finding enough space for everyone on the Plaza during the holiday season. Trying to reserve private dining for Christmas can be tough. The good news is that if you’re looking for an intimate venue that still offers space enough for all of your guests, we’d be more than happy to host your gathering. The Scarlet Room can host up to 80 people on its own.

Nothing Says Holidays Quite like Seasonal Music

The best thing about the holidays, right next to the food, has got to be the music. We pride ourselves on hosting amazing local talent. From soulful blues to energetic DJs, we have a little something for everyone, so we’re sure that your guests will feel right at home. If you’d like to book your own musical guest, we’d love for them to have a moment in the spotlight. Just reach out to us at any time to book your reservation.

If you’re planning a holiday party, then look no further than the Scarlet Room. With Christmas carols and seasonal hits galore, your friends and family can join in on the magic.

Sweet and Savory, Perfect for a Holiday Meal

If there’s one thing we love about the holidays, it’s getting to indulge in extravagant, home-cooked food. Who doesn’t love a deviled egg for Easter or a casserole right out of the oven for Thanksgiving? If you’re worried about what to serve your guests that will impress them as much as a home-cooked meal, then look no further — we have got you covered.

We have everything from delectable finger foods to exquisite evening meals. This time, leave the cooking to our amazing chefs. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning up after everyone!

Most people have a family dessert recipe they love to recreate every year. If you’d like to bring in some of your own treats to blow your guests away, just let us know and we’ll take care of you.

Bring on the Champagne Glasses!

One of the best things about our event space is its full-service bar. We have plenty of options for you to choose from, and our Parkway cocktails are one of our biggest hits.

The best way to ring in a New Year’s Eve party in Kansas City is with a champagne glass in hand at the Scarlet Room.  For a full list of our drink menu, look here.

Parkway’s Scarlet Room has everything you need, and more, to make your holiday party a success. Give us a call now at 816-214-5616 to make a reservation at one of the best holiday party venues in Kansas City. You can also email us at for more information.