Parkway – Your Kansas City Retirement Party Venue

Hitting retirement is a huge milestone. This is a time to reflect not only on your achievements, but on where you want to go next in life.

But before you can transition from a working man or woman into retired life, it’s time to hold a celebration to commemorate all of your achievements. And one of the most important parts of planning a party is finding the right Kansas City retirement party venue to hold it at. If you’re the one planning the celebration, you likely have the usual concerns, like the budget, food, and entertainment. And if this is a coworker that you’ve known for quite some time, you probably want to make it extra special — which can make it especially challenging to decide where to have a retirement party in Kansas City.

That’s where the Scarlet Room comes in. If you want to plan the best retirement party in Kansas City that everyone will remember for years to come, visit our event space — the Scarlet Room, located just below Parkway Social Kitchen on the Plaza. We’ve got just about everything you need to make your retirement party in Kansas City a success. Interested? Get started with your reservation today.

In the meantime, here are just some of the reasons why the Scarlet Room should be your KC retirement party destination:

Elegant Décor

When it comes to a retirement party, it’s important to consider how the retiree wants to celebrate. If the person you’re celebrating loves the feeling of a classy, unique venue to celebrate with 80 of their favorite people, then we’re the perfect office retirement party venue in Kansas City for them.

We have spacious red velvet booths that you can cozy into, along with intimate seating for additional guests.

We love our decorations and think that they’re perfect for an office party — but that doesn’t mean that we’re afraid to spruce them up! If you have some special retirement-themed party decorations that you can’t imagine parting from, we’d love for you to bring them; contact our staff to learn more. If you need any help picking out the perfect decorations, just let us know!

Have a fun video of the retiree’s career that you’d like to show? Or maybe some clips of coworkers’ well wishes? Display it on our 33-foot video wall, which can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button.

Way Better Than Your Office Kitchen

We know that there are so many options when it comes to choosing places to have a retirement party in Kansas City, especially given all the delicious restaurants on the Plaza. But we can’t recommend our food enough. If you’re planning a retirement party in Kansas City, we have the perfect lip-smacking appetizers and entrées to choose from. Just let us know how many people are arriving, and we can keep the finger foods coming. There’s a little something for everyone here, so don’t be afraid to try something different from your usual at Parkway.

You probably already have an idea of the flavor of cake and the sugary deserts you’d like to bring for the party. In that case, just let us know and we’d be happy to accommodate!

Browse Parkway’s full menu great for a retirement party in our event space.

Time to Make a Toast!

After such an incredible milestone, it’s time to celebrate with a toast for all of your achievements. And if there’s one thing we’ve got, it’s drinks! We have our superior Parkway cocktails that have become a big hit on the Plaza, in addition to our other popular drinks. We’re sure that we’ve got a little something for everyone.

We know that many people have a drink that they consider a time-honored classic that we might not carry. If you’d like to bring your favorite wine for your toast during the retirement party in Kansas City, just let us know.

Whatever you need to make your retiree feel special, we’d love to make it happen.

The Scarlet Room is always ready to throw a party. If you’re planning a retirement party in Kansas City or if you’re just looking for retirement party ideas, we’d be more than happy to help. Give us a call now at 816-214-5616 or email us at to get started.