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Company Dinner in Kansas City

A good company dinner in Kansas City is a great way to show your employees how valued they are. Too often, businesses take their staff for granted, not showing enough appreciation for the hard work they do. But you know better than that. You know that your employees give you one-third of their entire week to work hard for the company’s goals, and that deserves extra recognition every once in a while.

What better way to show your appreciation than a work dinner on the Plaza?

Company dinners are a time to build workplace community, create positive feelings toward the company and have some fun. Parkway Social Kitchen is the right restaurant to accomplish all of these things. We know you have a lot of choices for a company dinner in Kansas City, but here are a few reasons why Parkway should be the spot you choose.

Why Parkway is the Place for Your Kanas City Business Dinner

There are plenty of reasons why Parkway is the right place for your company dinner in Kansas City. If you’ve already been in, you know what they are. But if you’ve never visited before, here are just a few of the reasons you should bring your company to Parkway:

The Location

What’s better than the Plaza? For practical purposes, it’s centrally located. If your office is located downtown, in the crossroads or in Overland Park, you can make it to our location on the corner of Ward Parkway and Jefferson Street in less than 20 minutes.

Beyond that, the Plaza is beautiful. It is truly a rare gem in the Midwest, and something that visitors are constantly impressed by. Who builds a massive shopping district in the middle of a city that looks like Seville, Spain? Kansas City does, and it’s the best place for your company dinner to come have a great time.

When it’s time to get home, you and your employees won’t have too long of a drive, no matter which side of the metro you’re heading to.

The Staff

Friendly, courteous and professional — that’s the team at Parkway. From the hostess to the waiter to the chef, our staff is eager to make your business dinner a perfect night. The service is always speedy, and you can make a reservation to ensure there isn’t a long wait when you arrive.

The Menu

The menu at Parkway is as eclectic as it is excellent. Our sophisticated take on traditional comfort foods will leave everyone at your company dinner feeling satisfied, but don’t just take our word for it.

“Everything about Parkway Social Kitchen is stylishly understated in the best possible way. Where fine dining can sometimes feel staged and stuffy, Parkway Social Kitchen offers the cure,” Feast Magazine writes. “The food is simple, yet expertly prepared.”

From stuffed tater tots to ahi tuna, chicken tenders to rustic salmon, this is a menu designed to delight everyone from picky eaters to food connoisseurs. You’ll also find the menu is just the right price for your business dinner in Kansas City. It’s not too low, so the company won’t seem cheap. It’s also not too high, so your budget manager won’t be mad at you the next morning.

The Vibe

Parkway’s atmosphere matches its mission: food with a sense of community. The space is inviting; it’s somewhere you want to be. On a nice day, you can enjoy the breeze inside as the accordion windows are pulled back. The interior is formed around a bar and specifically designed to be a space for conversation. And the Scarlet Room is a hidden gem — a private space below the restaurant for larger groups to enjoy.

If you are looking for a more relaxed company dinner or a formal business dinner in Kansas City, Parkway can be the right space for either. The venue is comfortable and upscale; friendly and distinguished. Your colleagues are sure to enjoy it.

The Drinks

Parkway’s bar menu is just right for a happy hour gathering or a nightcap after a week of hard work. Let the drinks at Parkway bring your company together for a good time. With a full draft menu featuring a variety of Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewing Company, a robust cocktail menu and wine offerings, Parkway’s bar creates the space for coworkers to become friends. It’s the ideal way to end your company dinner in Kansas City.

Book Your Kansas City Company Dinner at Parkway

You can book your work dinner at Parkway today by calling in or make a reservation online at any time. Come see for yourself why Parkway is the ideal restaurant for any company dinner in Kansas City.

We’ll see you soon.