Why We’re One of the Best Places for Cocktails on the Plaza in Kansas City

When it comes to the best craft cocktails, Kansas City locals know that bigger and more attention-getting isn’t always the way to go. Sometimes, the best bars for Kansas City craft cocktails are the ones that stick to the basics.

Nothing Crazy —We Prefer the Classics (But Better)

If you’re looking for Kansas City cocktail bars that present your drink to you in the form of a puff of air and a flourish, you should probably keep looking. We’re not here to reinvent the boozy wheel. Like our food, we’re here to serve the comforting tried-and-trues — with a little of our own flair, and better than you’ve had it before.

So no, we may not be one of those gimmicky cocktail bars. Kansas City comes to us when they just want a really good cocktail, made with really good ingredients.

Serving Kansas City Cocktails made with Kansas City Liquor

If you take an upward glance along the halo of bottles lining our centrally-positioned marble-topped bar at Parkway, you’ll notice a few local heroes: Tom’s Town, Restless Spirits, Boulevard and more.

We’re proud of our city, and we like to feature locally-crafted spirits at our local cocktail bar.

Don’t worry —we also keep the all-around favorites on hand, as well as a number of rare finds, so you’ll be able to incorporate your preferred brand for the best cocktails in KC.

The Best Cocktails in Kansas City Come Exclusively from Top-Shelf Ingredients

Something that Parkway is passionate about is our belief that everything that we serve to our guests — whether that’s at our dinner tables or at our cocktail bar in Kansas City — should be of the highest quality and made from the best, freshest ingredients.

We make almost everything from scratch in-house, including things like our simple syrups and infusions. Every element that goes into our cocktails is carefully chosen.

We prefer to work with high-quality liquors, because we feel this is an integral component of the best cocktails. Kansas City has come to associate Parkway with all things top-shelf — for food, cocktails, events and more — and we’re very proud of that reputation.

Everything from Signature Cocktails to Late-Night Specials

While we’re one of the local cocktail bars that place the most emphasis on the classics, that doesn’t mean we don’t serve a wide variety of drinks.

Late into the evening, you can sip on drinks centered around seasonal flavors as well as year-round Parkway favorites like the Fig Old Fashioned. Or, share the Parkway Patrón Pitcher with a group of friends and choose your preferred selection of Patrón.

Parkway has earned a spot as one of the Plaza’s best cocktail bars. Kansas City loves to stop by for a quick cocktail after work or catch up with friends until midnight. You can view our current cocktail menu here, and make a reservation if you’d like to join us for drinks and a meal here.