Parkway: The Plaza’s Kansas City Vodka Lounge

Searching for the best local vodkas and vodka-based cocktails? Parkway offers a selection that includes Kansas City-made vodka, all-around favorite brands and fresh takes on classic drinks. We’re the Plaza spot for local vodka brands and the high-end staples you’re looking for in the perfect, refreshing drink at the end of a long day or the start of your weekend.

Serving the Best Vodka Cocktails and Kansas City Vodka Brands

Something we feel passionate about is that every element that goes into a drink or meal should be of the highest quality. From freshly squeezed fruit juices to house-made simple syrups, we carefully construct and curate each drink on the menu at Parkway.

This level of choosiness extends to the spirits we carry and use, as well. We use top-shelf vodkas in our drinks, because we believe that quality is never something we have it in us to ignore.

We also make it a point to carry locally made vodka and other hometown spirits whenever possible. We love our city and we’re proud of Kansas City, MO, vodka artisans who are shaking up the way people view the Midwest.

You’ll also find several high-end flavored vodkas like Grey Goose Le Citron or Prairie Organic Cucumber, which are a perfect accent to the flavors we incorporate in some of our lighter-tasting vodka cocktails.

Our Favorite Classic Vodka Cocktails (with Our Own Twist)

Parkway’s use of high-quality spirits in traditional cocktails has earned us a reputation around the Plaza as a favorite vodka bar. Kansas City locals and visitors alike have settle in at our wood-paneled, marble-topped bar to catch up with friends over a few rounds of perfectly flavored cocktails.

Whether your drink of choice is an always-in-style vodka martini or a simple vodka and soda with lime, you know that we’ll have better selections than most Kansas City vodka bars, and that our pours are always generous.

Like our food, we tend to prefer our cocktails on the classic side — but crafted perfectly. But for when you’re feeling adventurous, we’ve created a few drinks that take a few lessons from the old school, with new life in them. Explore our menu to find which seasonally mindful vodka-based cocktail sounds right for you.

Daily Specials at Your Kansas City Vodka Bar

One of the reasons Parkway has become a Plaza hotspot: our happy hour specials. From 3 to 7 p.m. on weekdays and every day from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., we offer discounts on select spirits, wine, beer, appetizers and more, so you can understand why people tend to stick around.

Between our selection of Kansas City local vodka and high-end brands, classic vodka cocktail favorites and daily specials, Parkway has become one of the Plaza’s preferred spots for meeting up with friends for a drink (or two) and a meal.

Join us tonight and secure your reservation.