Parkway is Made for Group Dinner

There are plenty of KC restaurants for big groups. But they’re not Parkway.

If you need a restaurant that can fit a large group, you could go almost anywhere — most chains can take big parties. However, if you’re looking for a fine dining experience that can accommodate dinner for big groups without sacrificing quality, make large group reservations at Parkway now.

How We Became One of the Best Restaurants for Large Groups in Kansas City

Our mission is food with a sense of community. We’re not called “Parkway: Social Kitchen” for nothing. We value good friends as much as we do good food and drinks, so we love when you feel inspired to bring everyone you know and love to Parkway to share a meal and a few laughs.

Food is what brings us together, and we’re always honored when you choose to bring your favorite people together at Parkway.

We’re able to accommodate big group dining easily, both upstairs in our main dining room as well as downstairs in our smaller lounge area. Our dedication to ensuring your experience is tailored to your parties’ needs, no matter how small or large the group, has made us one of the preferred fine dining venues on the Plaza for larger groups.

For a Casual Group Dinner or an Important Event, We Can Accommodate Big Parties

When you’re searching for the best restaurants in Kansas City for large groups, you might just be looking for a high-quality restaurant that can host some of your friends — maybe you’re getting together for a surprise birthday dinner, a going-away party, or even just getting together for a night out. Or, maybe you’re looking to host a larger event, like a rehearsal dinner or anniversary party.

Parkway is one of the best restaurants for groups of any size on the Plaza, no matter what the occasion — we’ll make sure your meal is special.

Really looking to get together all of your people for a party? We welcome our guests to privately reserve the Scarlet Room, capable of holding up to 75 people, or even our entire restaurant, which can host up to 175 people. We’re able to reserve live music for your party, you can have access to a fully-stocked and staffed bar, 4K projectors, sound capabilities and more.

Why not celebrate together in true style? Learn more about how we can turn your dinner into a full-blown party by exploring our catering packages here.

Personalizing Your Dinner for Large Groups of Friends and Family at Parkway

A point of pride at Parkway is our commitment to a fully-customizable experience. Want to reserve the space privately for your group? We’re one of the best restaurants for big parties where you can choose to book the full space.

Parkway is a popular choice for big group celebrations like:

If you’re all celebrating something, let us know in advance and we’ll be sure to make your meal special when you come into the restaurant for group dinner. Whatever we can do to make you and your guests feel at home, just let us know.

Secure Large Party Reservations at Parkway Now

Of all the places for a group gathering in KC, Parkway on the Plaza does it the best. That’s because we value the social aspect of good food, drinks and atmosphere. Every meal at Parkway brings the opportunity to talk, enjoy yourself and reconnect with the people who are important to you.

It’s always recommended that you make an advance reservation whenever possible if you know you’re going to be dining with a large group, to ensure that you’ll all be able to be seated and served as quickly as possible.

Call us at (816) 214-5616 now to make reservations for your large group, and find out why we’re one of the preferred restaurants for large groups on the Plaza.